Sitting around drinking with a few buddies can be relaxing, but at the same time can get monotonous post the first few drinks. All over the world, there are quite a few games popularly played along with hard drinks. Here we bring to you select ones to choose from, for your next drinking session with friends:

Power hour

Simple and combines the elements of music for a pleasurable evening. The power hour plays a one-hour-long music playlist with many songs played with 30-second additions, one after another. The idea is that whenever the song changes, everyone in the group has to drink, together and quickly. Dancing to the songs while is not mandatory, is done more often than not and in between drinks leads to a lot of fun and frolic.  Good times are guaranteed. Power hour is popular as a key “pre-gaming” event and mostly played as a warm-up event before the actual event starts, typically marriages or wedding receptions.

La Vache qui tache

The game originated in central France, long back, and soon became very popular across Europe, winning the admiration of many. In English speaking European countries, the game is known as Ibble Dibble commonly and played widely.  When the same starts, everyone is instructed to sit down in the formation of a circle. A participant is chosen randomly and selected to start the game. The chosen participants need to say ibble dibble and then their names, with no ibble dibbles, calling ibble dibble, the name of another player with no ibble dibbles. Quite a tongue twister and big entertainers, while the game starts with no one who has ibble dibbles, but as the game rolls these changes. Next player then continues saying the same, until someone messes up in remembering an opponent’s number or whether have ibble dibbles or not. It’s easy to mess this up, especially when you are high, mistakes make everyone in the group laugh their hearts out.


A Basque drinking game involves many people, two dice, a table, a cup or basket, and typically beer or sangria or any other beverage. Because of the supplies, one needs to plan to play the same in advance. The game originated from bourges in berry, but with time the game has evolved into a social game and has gained popularity across the globe. The game starts when a player willies two dice inside a shaker, and then secretly looks at what he or she rolled, telling her opponents what that figure is (which may be a lie too, but the opponent has to gauge based on gestures if at all the person lied). The game involves a lot of observation, can be witty and fun. Typically takes long to be played and an ample amount of alcohol is consumed in the process without boredom setting in.

Ping Pong Pang

Beer pong or more commonly knows as Dartmouth pong or Backgammon is one of the most popular drinking games across the world. The drinking game slightly imitates the actual ping pong that involves the use of paddles to hit a ping pong ball into obstacles on the opponent’s side. Dartmouth college students invented this popular drinking game. The game requires a table, paddles, a ball, cups, and alcohol. The game starts when everyone sits forming a circle and one randomly chosen person starts off by saying “ping”, after that within a lapse of even a second, quickly, going clockwise, the person next to him or her must say “pong.” Followed by the next person saying “pang” while pointing to a random person, who must then quickly say “ping” without taking any time to think. On that note, here are a few ro water system reviews to guarantee pure water for zero headaches post the drinking session. The excitement builds up in no time, with everyone actively participating. The excitement and cheer make this a widely played game across the globe while drinking.

A pleasurable drinking experience needs drinks to be accompanied by something more than just conversation with friends; something beyond bending the elbow and staring around. Enjoy some of the games above in your next drinking session with friends, and have a great time.