Each Pokémon in the game has its combat power, which is commonly referred to as CP. Pokémon Go shows all your Pokémon under their specific CP that appears as a singular number. The number indicates a Pokémon’s CP and level, which is an improvement from the old generations of Pokémon games. A Pokémon’s combat power indicates its strength in battle.

The CP determines how hard your Pokémon will hit rival Pokémon in gyms. The number also guides you when making decisions on the best Pokémon to catch and keep. Pokemon would be perfect to play after a great trip on water with isle inflatable sup.

Your goal should be catching and keeping Pokémon with the highest CP. All Pokémon in the game has a maximum CP level. The level assigned to each Pokémon depends on its weight, size, and species. However, the species is the most important factor. You can determine how far you can increase a Pokémon’s CP by checking the half-circle above it on the statistics screen. Powering your Pokémon will increase its CP towards its limit. However, you must evolve it to increase its maximum limit. Once you extend the limit, you can power the new species of Pokémon to the new maximum CP limit.

The in-game currencies enable you to evolve a Pokémon and increase its CP. Capturing a wild Pokémon earns you two in-game currencies, that is, stardust and candies. Stardust is used to train captured monsters to increase their CP and applies to all monsters in the game. Catching one monster earns you 100 stardusts. Candies are also used to train Pokémon and increase their CP. However, candies are specific to the species of monsters.

Hence, if you want to train a certain type of monster, you must capture more monsters of the same type to earn more candies that are specific to that type or species. The candies awarded vary depending on the type of Pokémon captured. You must earn candies to evolve your Pokémon to stronger creatures. Stardust currencies cannot evolve Pokémon. When you evolve a Pokémon, you level up its CP limit and turn it into a more ferocious species. Each Pokémon that you catch has an evolution tree. Each tree has a unique type of candy that increases its level.

The number of candies required to evolve a monster varies with the species. An alternative way of increasing your supply of candies is transferring some monsters to the

Professor. Transferring Pokémon to the Professor earns you one candy per Pokémon. However, you must be careful to transfer only the duplicate monsters in your possession.

You cannot reverse the transfer. Hence, it is advisable to transfer monsters that you are sure you can catch easily in the future. Do not trade rare and strong monsters for Candy.

The combat power assigned to a Pokémon depends on the player’s level. Hence, similar species of Pokémon can have different combat power. The power increases as the player’s level increases.  

How to Raise Your Trainer’s Level

Your trainer level will also influence how far you can increase your Pokémon’s CP despite the number of candies and stardust in your supply. The player’s level in Pokémon Go depends on the number of experience points earned. In-game activities enable players to add their experience points.

Catching different species of Pokémon and exploring Pokestops enables you to level up as a trainer. Another way of increasing your level is battling in Gyms. You can also level up by hatching eggs and evolve your Pokémon.

Adding new types of monsters to your collection earns bonus experience points. One benefit of increase your trainer level is that you can join teams and battle in Gyms. You also have access to a higher quality of items such as Poke Balls, which strengthen your monsters. Increasing your trainer level enables you to defeat other trainers easily in battles for Gym. You can take over a Gym easily if its defending trainers are at a lower level than you are.

Leveling up as a trainer unlocks in-game special items that you can use to increase your Pokémon. Hence, as you play the game, focus on activities that can help you earn additional experience points.  

Rewards and Unlockables

Every new level in Pokémon Go has rewards and unlockable items. The unlockables and rewards should keep you motivated to reach the highest level in the game. Moving from one level to another will require many experience points but the rewards and items are worth. The unlockable items include high-quality special items that you can collect at Pokestops and items that you can purchase from the shop. You start receiving special items at level 2 and unlockable items at level 5.

However, very few levels have unlockable items. In most cases, the game rewards you with one or more special item and more of the items you received in the previous level.