With the development of technology and the rise in competition among various companies worldwide, the number of video games is also increasing at a breakneck pace. One will find new games every time he or she searches for them. Video games are coming with more modern versions, innovative concepts and far more features as compared to those that belong to the period a few years back. 2018 is a year that saw this massive transformation in the number as well as designs and patterns of these types of games.
But even now the \ that bring new concepts in the market are working continuously to come up with better games to attract and keep the players engaged. There are development and advancement in technology to such a great extent, and the attraction of the new generation towards electronic devices is tremendous. This is the reason why the business of creation of video games is on a high.

So let us now go through some most prominent video games of this year, 2019.

Have a look at the following list to get to know the latest list of top video games.

• Apex Legends

The top video game of the year, Apex Legends Game is highly popular. It stands second to none due to its amazing ability to prevent you from taking a break. It’s the most important royal game today in the market. The game was released on the date of the 4th of February. The game has been found after using 3v3s, character powers, ping systems, and verticality. Another feature that is responsible for taking the game to heights is the top-shelf weapon design.


This game stands second only to Apex Legends and is also popular among the persons who are crazy about playing video games. This second preference is no less. It was released on the 5th of February. Though it has not topped the list but is considered the weirdest game worldwide. The game is about completing certain assignments which the player has been given. These are then graded by the AI professor. It’s all about some artwork. So you get to improve yourself in the category.
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• Baba Is You

It was released on the 13th of March. The objective for the player is to touch the flag at the end to win it. There is a cute bunny-like creature which you will see on the screen while you play the game. The game is addictive, and you will find the challenging levels that will make you completely engrossed in the game. It is a puzzle within a puzzle. So be careful while stepping forward.

• Devil May Cry 5

This one’s quite a cool game with great styles and cheesy features. It’s an action game which has been made as a sequel to its predecessor. The player enjoys fighting with the enemies while hitting them with their motorcycle swords. It is a Hideaki Itsuno’s game that will leave you lost at a certain point in the plot. It’s again a great video game to play if you have a hunger for such action games.

• Division 2

It got its release on the date of the 15th of March. The game is special as it is this year’s top loot shooter game. The game will keep you too engaged with a lot of tasks to do. You have to multitask while playing this action game. You will get a thrilling experience with this video game. It’s a kind of paradox. The enemy will be smarter than before; so you will find a tough fight this time.

There is a great need for such games among those who are crazy for them. Such games are addictive. And the new generation is already very needy for the games. It’s fine up to a certain point, but one must be careful he or she does not get too involved and consumed in the video games.